Political Commentator, Drennan talks to irishsmokefill

 John Drennan, who writes for the Sunday Independent, spoke to irishsmokefill last week, about the latest Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll.  He said that the more the voters see of Sinn Fein, the less they like them.  The party dropped four points to 20%, in the poll.

“Fianna Fail are half way there now, they started off at the General Election on 16.8%, they have got to 21%, and they are half way to where they have to be, to be a 54 seat party,” said Drennan.  “Labour is on 12%, which is good for them, because their support is concentrated in Dublin.  That’s a good result for Labour.”

John Drennan is author of ‘Standing By the Republic – 50 Dail Debates That Shaped the Nation’

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