Eddie Hobbs talks to irishsmokefill

Eddie Hobbs is a financial advisor, tv celebrity and best-selling author. He is currently involved in the new Lucinda Creighton political party – a project which appears to be provisionally titled ‘Reboot Ireland’

“There needs to be a fundamental rethink about how we should really grow the domestic Irish economy at grassroots level, and that conversation hasn’t even begun, and so long as it hasn’t begun, you are going to get the likes of the Ulster bank closing bank branches, and you’ll get post offices closing, and eventually villages and towns closing, and only then will we look back and say why was it so obvious and we failed to see it,” said Eddie Hobbs, who was one of the main speakers at an Ulster Branch closure protest march in Athlone. “We have to get the domestic Irish economy firing and I don’t mean in urban areas, where you can close a few pubs, and a few bank branches, where it wouldn’t have much of an impact, but in a rural area, it would have a devastating impact and it’s permanent.”

Eddie Hobbs said that the 1922 constitution stated that Irish people own their own national resources, and De Valera in the 1937 constitution passed the ownership to the state.

“What needs to happen is Article 10 of the Constitution needs to be changed, so that the natural resources are returned to the Irish people,” he said to irishsmokefill.

Eddie Hobbs said at the start of the banking crisis in late 2008, that he believed there was a lack of leadership in this country. He still believes this today.

“I regard it as a crony democracy, which is rotten from the top, and the real story in Ireland is of insiders and outsiders,” he said. “The birth of Irish Water shows that nothing has changed.  That’s a super quango.”

On the subject of setting up a new political party with Lucinda Creighton, Eddie Hobbs called it a “herculean challenge,” and said that the incumbents have set up the structures in such a way that it is almost impossible to set up a party. However his grouping is continuing the struggle.

“We have policies to formulate and publish and a huge job in fundraising which is not our biggest problem,” he said. “We need over €1 million euros, which we’ll get. The tailwind is there for a real new reform, not for another FF or FG lite. We need to see a new broom, and I hope to be involved as much as I can in public meetings.”

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