Government Will Last – Harry McGee Talks to irishsmokefill

Political Correspondent of the Irish Times, Harry McGee has said that the current government is working relatively well, and will last longer than some have anticipated.

Harry McGee said in an interview this week with irishsmokefill that the government arrangement of Fine Gael, Independents, and the loose support of Fianna Fail, is very interesting, and unusual and has obviously led to uncertainty on whether it could last.

“It is unprecedented in an Irish context, where the major party has only a third of all seats, and neither of the larger parties (Fine Gael and Fianna Fail) were amenable to going into government together,” he said.

However, Harry McGee does believe that Taoiseach Enda Kenny was serious in the coalition offer he made to Fianna Fail, but that Fianna Fail was of the opinion that it was not in their interest to do so.

“So they went for another way, where Fianna Fail remained in opposition but gave support, and Fine Gael with the Independents made up 58, which was the magical number, where if Fianna Fail abstain, that will outrank all the other opposition combined,” he said. “The experiment has worked relatively well, and will last longer than some anticipated.”

In actual fact, the government has reached the number 59, because of the support of Independent Michael Lowry, who is not part of any alliance.

Harry McGee said that Enda Kenny will also last longer than was believed, and maybe for up to another year, writes David Flynn.

“He could last for maybe even another budget too, but not another election,” he said. “As sure as night follows day as soon as succession happens in Fine Gael, an election will happen shortly after that. They are all on watch; just in case it happens sooner.”

The Irish Times Political Correspondent also said that the budget will pass, and that there will be little pieces for everyone in there.

“Nobody will be getting any huge spoils, and there will be no hostages to fortune, and when they get over that, they will then have a period of relative stability,” said Harry McGee.


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